At Metrolocations, we understand the dramatic effect a location has on an image, and also on your budget. Whether you are looking for a loft studio, a beach, or even something as specific as an infinity pool with blue tiles, overlooking the ocean, with cumulous clouds dotting the pale blue sky… we get the picture, and will do our best to find it for you.


If it’s what you desire, it’s what you’ll get. Our location library is brimming with thousands of possibilities for any and all of your ideas.

Our location managers are constantly searching and cataloging production-friendly locations throughout the US, the Caribbean and Mexico.

We are able to create customized online galleries of potential locations to make your location search complete as easy and as quickly as possible.

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Definitive solutions are what we offer and our scouting services are ready to provide you with any resource necessary to get the job done, on budget and on schedule.

Location scouting services are offered when a client’s location needs are so unique that previously scouted sites will not suffice.

An experienced location scout will work diligently within your guidelines to fill your production’s exact needs.

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